How to host a Telegram site on your domain

When you set up a Telegram site, it's hosted using the domain by default. But you may want to host your own domain on your Telegram site. It's a pretty easy process:

  1. Set the domain in the "Edit Site" dialog dialog
  2. Set up a CNAME record to point to at your DNS provider.

By default, you cannot use a root domain (e.g. to host a domain. This is because it breaks things to point a CNAME record at a root domain.

Using a root Domain

If you know what you're doing and want to use your root domain with Telegram:

  1. Enable "Power User" mode for your account: power user
  2. Enter your root level domain in the "Optional Domain Name" field of the "Edit Site" dialog
  3. Set up an A DNS record to point to

Wildcard domain support

We will enable wildcard Domain support for your Telegram site after verifying that you own the domain you want to wildcard. Please email us with a request for wildcard support.

Multiple domain support

Telegram's inner workings support multiple domains per site, but there's no web interface for multiple domain support. If you need multiple domain support, please email us.


Some services charge extra for custom domain support. Telegram supports multiple domains as part of the basic service.