How to add a Twitter feed

  1. Open the /templates-hidden/include.html file with a text editor
  2. Add the lines:

    <span data-lift="xform" data-css="#main_content_place [class+]">row</span>
    <span data-lift="xform" data-css="#left_side [class+]">span10</span>
    <span data-lift="xform" data-css="#right_side [class+]">span6</span>
    <div data-lift="xform" data-css="#right_side *+">
    	<span data-lift="twitter?user=dpp">
  3. Save the file and publish your site

The /templates-hidden/include.html file is included in every page via the default.html and post.html template files.

The data-lift="xform" attribute says that this is a page transformation rule snippet.

The data-css="#main_content_place [class+]" attribute says, "find the element with the main_content_place id and add the row class to the element's CSS classes". The next two lines add span10 and span6 classes to the left and right <div> elements. The effect based on the Twitter Bootstrap CSS rules is to create a row with two columns, the left and right side columns.

The #right_side *+ transform appends the elements to the child elements of the right-side column.

The data-lift="twitter?user=dpp" snippet inserts a Twitter feed into the element.

There's more information on snippets.